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An Effective Non-Surgical Treatment Option of Skin Cancer


Esteya is a breakthrough skin cancer radiation treatment therapy system. One of the biggest benefits is that the system requires fewer sessions than traditional radiation. Treatment for squamous and basal cell skin cancers can often be accomplished in as little as eight sessions, versus several weeks of radiation.

The Esteya electronic brachytherapy system is very different from conventional brachytherapy. Instead of a radioactive source, the Esteya system uses a miniaturized X-ray tube that is inserted directly into the tumor site. This means that the source is not continually radioactive; it can be turned on and off as appropriate to deliver precisely localized, targeted radiation treatments.

Since the radiation is acutely focused around the lesion, the surrounding healthy tissue is better protected compared to traditional external beam radiotherapy or radioactive isotope-based brachytherapy systems.

Treatment can be performed without the need for a shielded room, allowing the dermatologist and other medical personnel to be present during treatment delivery.

The Esteya system is FDA-cleared for the treatment of skin cancer and is the most advance of its kind.  Arcadia Dermatology is proud to be able to offer this non-surgical treatment for skin cancer in the office setting.